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City Dock is known as Central Annapolis. It’s the heart of our historic town and a place that attracts visitors and locals alike. If you haven’t been to City Dock before, we highly suggest you check it out on your next visit to Annapolis. With so much to do at one location, it’s the perfect hot spot in the historic city of Annapolis.

Many of the charming buildings surrounding City Dock are filled with history. Some of the buildings were built in the 18th century. Some must-see historic buildings in the area include the Market House, the harbormaster’s office, several shops, and fabulous restaurants. It wouldn’t be city dock if there weren’t any boats. Be sure to look for work boats, tour boats, private yachts, and ships docked along City Dock.

Activities are abundant at City Dock. There’s never a dull moment downtown. Throughout the year, City Dock is a central hub for events, activities, and fun tours. Go to City Dock for Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, or any other special day and the docks will be bustling with energy. The famous Annapolis Boat Shows are held at the City Dock during the fall. In the winter, the local boats are covered in Christmas lights and docked. The Navy band performs live concerts at City Dock in the Spring. In the Summer, locals and visitors head to City Dock to lounge by the water and soak up the Annapolis sunshine.

Annapolis has been a famous spot for yachting, sailing, and as a port of call in the Chesapeake Bay since the 1700’s. If you’d like to learn more about the water sports and history that occur off the shores of Annapolis, head to City Dock. You can watch sailboat races, take a boat tour, meet boat captains, talk to fishermen, and go have fun on a powerboat.

Walk up-hill from City Dock and you’ll be in central Annapolis. You can’t miss Maryland’s Capitol Building! Annapolis, which has served as the capital of Maryland, was founded in 1649. The Annapolis Capital Building is the oldest capitol building in the entire nation. The building acts as a central hub of the city and the historic district. The Maryland State House was built in 1772 and is still in legislative use today.

If you’re looking to shop, go to City Dock. Little shops, boutiques, your favorite stores, and souvenir stands line the streets that lead you to the downtown dock. If you’re looking for a particular item, or just browsing for fun, you’re bound to find exactly what you’ve been searching for at the stores surrounding City Dock. After a day of exploring Annapolis, City Dock is the place to go for a delicious meal, too. Some of the best restaurants in town are located in the City Dock area of Annapolis.

When in Annapolis, you must stop by City Dock, the historic heart of Maryland’s capital city. Have fun!