Nightlife in Annapolis: It’s all happening here.

Whether you’re looking to bar crawl down a historic, brick-paved road or want to fill your summer calendar with concerts every night, there’s always somewhere in Annapolis that will accommodate the kind of fun you’re looking for. Even once the sun sets. 

Check out the diverse bars, breweries and restaurants all over town, and be sure to stay up-to-date with Annapolis events: Dinner Under the Stars and Free Movies In the Garden are just two evening, albeit seasonal, community events that are a lot of fun. 

Of course, you can’t really talk about nightlife in Annapolis without mentioning…

Rams Head On Stage

A plaque on the downstairs wall of Rams Head Tavern in downtown Annapolis once read, “On October 25, 1997 at Table 6…the plot was hatched which led to the succession and glorious independence of the Maritime Republic of Eastport.” The plaque might no longer be there, but the rich historic legacy of 33 West Street, which dates back to before Annapolis was even officially founded, remains.

We’ve got a whole history lesson for you on Annapolis’ famous concert venue Rams Head, but if you’d rather just see what acts are coming to town soon, check their website for the calendar and tickets.