Annapolis Trails

The beautiful, historic architecture creating the backbone of Annapolis, Maryland isn’t the only thing to see in the area. While the shops and restaurants are a huge draw for many, others prefer the beauty only nature can provide. Annapolis has several parks and hiking trails for people to enjoy, each with their own personality and charm. 

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

Running 13.3 miles along the historic route of the Annapolis and Baltimore Short Line, this trail has a personality all its own. Winding through historic neighborhoods, scenic parks and wooded areas secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail is a paved tour through history. The Earleigh Heights Ranger Station, which was built in 1889, and the Winchester Station House at Manresa are two pieces of history that can be enjoyed by those traversing the trail. 

>>To reach the Annapolis trailhead, take US 50 just past the Severn River. Take Exit 27 south until you reach Jonas Green Park. Directions to the trail can be found in the park, near the entrance to the parking lot. 

Broad Creek Trail

Broad Creek Trail is a loop that stretches 4.7 miles within Broad Creek Park. This trail features many hills and has an elevation gain of 518 feet. If you want to see the beauty Broad Creek Park has to offer, then this lightly-traveled trail is the perfect place to become one with nature. It features a stream and small lake, and dogs are allowed, making it the perfect place to take your beloved pets for a walk. 

>>Broad Creek Park is located at 1A Harry S Truman Parkway. It is next to the Anne Arundel County Department of Health and the Anne Arundel Public Library. 

Historic Annapolis Ramble

This trail is a biker’s dream. The Historic Annapolis Ramble is a loop making up 7.9 miles of residential beauty. Experienced riders will find that the hills on this trail provide a great way to stay in shape, while inexperienced riders may find some of the hills tough to climb. In the center of this trail sits a park that riders or hikers will find is a perfect spot for rest and relaxation. Pets are allowed on this trail, and it is a great place to walk leashed dogs. 

>>The trail starts at 923 Creek Drive, which can be reached off Boucher Ave. 

Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park Trail is a looped trail stretching 5.1 miles. The paved path is great for dog walking and general fitness. The area around the trail is filled with many beautiful pieces of nature, including several gardens. This trail is a dream for bird lovers as it features an aviary, and deer often make an appearance during the dawn or twilight hours. 

>>Parking is $5, and the park can be found just off Forest Drive at the end of Annapolis Neck Road. 

Greenbury Point Trail

Located near the United States Naval Academy Golf Club, Greenbury Point Trail is the perfect place to see colorful wild flowers. The unpaved path stretches 3.1 miles and is a great place to walk leashed dogs. There is also a nature center off the trail that can be explored, though it can get a bit overgrown, making it a hard walk for some people. 

>>The Greenbury Point Trail sits directly across from the United States Naval Academy Golf Club on Bryant Road.