The nearest airport to Annapolis

Getting to Annapolis from anywhere in the world is as easy as flying into Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, also known as BWI Marshall. What makes it preferable to flying in to one of the other major regional airports (Ronald Reagan Washington National and Washington Dulles International) its proximity to the Annapolis Downtown region.

Airlines that serve BWI

Nearly 20 airlines from all over the world have flights to and from BWI Marshall, including Southwest Airlines, for which it is a fortress hub. Other airlines include Delta, United, British Airways and American. Because of the number and size of the various airlines passengers can get to BWI Marshall from anywhere on the globe and return there with relative ease.

BWI Airport Transportation to Downtown Annapolis

There are plenty of ways to get from BWI Marshall to Downtown Annapolis. Car services around BWI can get people to and from the airport in about half and hour, depending upon traffic. There also are light rail and bus services that are much less expensive but can take three times as long to make the trip. The light-rail advantage, besides the price, it it gives you an opportunity to get a feel for all the places accessbile from public transportation in the region.

Hotels near BWI Airport

If you prefer to stay near the airport and commute to the downtown, rather than staying at one of the Downtown Annapolis Hotels, there are plenty of hotel options. Airport hotels tend to be less expensive, although many of them have sufficient amenities for the business traveler. Similarly, if you are just coming to town for the weekend, or maybe to visit the Naval Academy, hotel airports provide access to all of Annapolis with a different kind of ease than staying downtown. If you are making a weekend of it and want to split your time between Annapolis and Baltimore, a hotel near the airport might be just the solution.