Eastport in Annapolis is home to yachts, art galleries, residents, spas, and restaurants, just to name a few inhabitants. If you take Duke of Gloucester Street toward Annapolis Marriott, you meet the bridge into Eastport. This bridge takes travelers from downtown Annapolis into the neighborhood of Eastport and leads to a wealth of entertainment, pampering, history, and full bellies. If you’re lucky enough to frequent Eastport, you’ll know many of the establishments and perhaps even the history we cover here. If you haven’t yet visited Eastport, stay tuned as we travel over that bridge.


Just like any neighborhood or area, Eastport has experienced change and growth. What was once farmland and open water now holds modern businesses and vast amounts of yachts and small boats. Tours of Eastport will show its oldest house, The Barge House (which is now known as Annapolis Maritime Museum), and boatyards. Eastport is, without a doubt, a place that requires learning from experience and viewing from beyond a computer screen. Fortunately, Annapolis Maritime Museum offers walking tours of the neighborhood; book one here: http://www.amaritime.org/EWT/index.htm.

Shops and Such

As aforementioned, Eastport houses plenty of intriguing and utterly necessary establishments. Of these, you’ll find Fleet Feet Sports Annapolis, a sports supply store that doubles as the starting line of many jogs around the city. With everything from sports bras to energizing granola bars, Fleet Feet Sports Annapolis empowers Eastport to move. Visit http://www.fleetfeetannapolis.com/ to learn more about upcoming jogs from Fleet Feet and more. Fleet Feet is located at 318 Sixth Street.

Carrol’s Creek Cafe sits at 410 Severn Avenue, right off the Annapolis Marina. With views of the water and carefully crafted food, Carrol’s is ideal for any hungry guest. For those lazy Sundays, Carrol’s accommodates with a brunch buffet from 10 to 1:30. Another special occurs on Tuesday nights, when guests can enjoy half price wine bottles with dinner. Head to http://www.carrolscreek.com/ to inquire further and see the menu.

Vin 909 was created with the love of wine in mind. Eastport’s very own wine bar serves seasonally-inspired dishes like littleneck clams and stuffed zucchini squash. The wine is too extensive and varied to even describe here. However, it is easy to relay that Vin 909’s wine glasses cost $6 to $12 and the bottles cost $21 to $42. The establishment also sells beer. Visit http://www.vin909.com/index.html to view more on Vin 909, located at 909 Bay Ridge Road.

Ken’s Creative Kitchen is another Eastport business that centers on delicious food, but does so predominantly via catering. Weddings, corporate lunches, birthday parties, baby showers, you name it, and Ken’s can cater (pun intended). Visit them on-site at 980 Awald Road, Suite 201, or go to http://www.kenscreativekitchen.com/ to learn more.

Admiral of the Bay, LLC is the epitome of an Annapolis business. The appointment-only company operates as part event planning, part rental company. Host a nautical wedding aboard one of Admiral’s yachts, or just rent a boat for the day. To learn more about these seafaring opportunities, go to www.admiralofthebay.com.

Eastport Design offers graphic design and advertising services by appointment. Let them wow you with new styles, ideas, and techniques your business needs. Call 410-268-2772 to make an appointment.

Take a hint from celebrities and renew your body and mind with spa treatments at Even Keel Wellness Spa at 31 Old Solomons Island Road. This Eastport spa offers skin care, body treatments, private yoga, waxing, and massages. Renew, relax, and rejuvenate because you deserve it. Go to http://www.evenkeelspa.com/ to learn more about treatments and services offered.

Inspired by gorgeous Annapolis architecture, you may want to revamp your home or start anew. Eastport offers several skilled architects, like Bill Trulio and Tobias M. Sullivan to aid in the creation of something great. To reach Trulio, call 301-261-1795; to reach Sullivan, call 410-280-1695.

Naturally, the most prolific businesses in Eastport involve boating. Annapolis City Marina houses many of the area’s most beautiful boats, but also overlooks Eastport Yacht Club. Situated at 317 First Street, this club not only offers sensational views but entertains with club and public events. Their calendar can be found here: http://www.eastportyc.org/.

One requires decked out attire to properly sail the seas. If you bought Converses instead of Sperrys years ago, head to Annapolis Performance Sailing and join the boating scene. The company also sells sailing hardware and apparel for when the seas aren’t so placid and the skies open up. Visit them online: www.apsltd.com, or in the store at 104 Severn Avenue.

Still on the theme of travel, the free and incredibly convenient company, eCruisers, LLC, also calls Eastport home. Call dispatch (443-481-2422) and ask for a free pick-up by the shuttle. This service greatly alleviates the parking troubles that are often associated with downtown Annapolis. To learn more, go to www.ecruisers.com.

Sailing, shopping, and eating can be tiresome. Rest your head at Inn at Horn Point, a bed and breakfast in Eastport. Located at 100 Chesapeake Avenue, this lovely inn believes in casual comfort and hearty breakfasts. Book a room with them for an Eastport excursion: 410-268-1126 or www.innathornpoint.com.

A trip to Eastport (and all of Annapolis for that matter) would not be complete without a tidbit of history. Learn about Bay harvesting practices, boating, and more at Annapolis Maritime Museum at 723 Second Street. Take the kids to see exhibits and participate in events. Go to www.amaritime.org to discover more.

The Eastport Gallery, located at 419 Fourth Street, is another essential stop on the quest to learn about Eastport and Annapolis. In addition to the educational experience, Eastport Gallery also awards its guests with the pleasure of viewing Marion E. Warren’s artwork. Bask in the beauty. Call 410-268-2898 or visit the gallery on-site.

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