This week’s social news roundup focuses on mostly some of the important cultural events. By “cultural events” is meant more events that represent the overall Annapolis culture rather than, like, ballet. We like to lay off the hard news as much because it is depressing as because if you’re into that sot of thing, you already know the day’s top stories. Instead, we offer the 6 facts you need to know about what’s going on in Annapolis this week as a kind of primer. A jumping off space, I guess.

Today is heat awareness day, but that’s just the beginning. Some people believe this summer is going to be a scorcher, so stay on your toes and keep safe!

This is a post we shared from a small Georgia paper, but it is a great reminder of how culturally diverse the Naval Academy can be. As the kids come flooding in over the next few months, both to get acclimatized and then for their summer training, it should be fun to help introduce them to Annapolis proper.

Congratulations to the Severn Inn, which was recognized by the Open Table dining website for its superior outdoor dining offerings and atmosphere. If you haven’t been by yet, you should swing by and treat yourself.

Boids! It’s easy to forget how much access to nature we have around here, but now that the weather has broken we can get back to truly enjoying the outdoors.

It’s festival season and there are no lack of things to do in the region this weekend. Still, make sure to check out the Arts, Crafts and Wine Festival at the Navy Stadium. There’s no lack of diversions for certain.

Speaking of the Navy Stadium (almost, kinda) in sports news the Navy baseball team was included in the Raleigh Regional NCAA tournament for the 10th year. Games may be available on ESPNU…