We are unabashedly all about the boat shows this week, and why not? They only come around once per year, Paul Jacobs the general manager putting on the shows promises they’ll be the biggest in years, and we’ve got a lovely Fall weekend in store to enjoy it all.

Used with permission

But first let’s go ahead and support the Chesapeake Bay. It’s worth it. From Oct. 2-9 restaurants from Philadelphia to Northern Virginia will be featuring Maryland seafood caught locally for their patrons. For each of these seafood dishes sold, a buck will go to the Oyster Recovery Project in Annapolis. There are more than 200 restaurants in total participating and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has put together a searchable map that’s pretty slick, so if you’re going out to eat anyway, you might as well see of one of your favs is participating.

So, the Sailboat show is launching on Oct. 6 and runs through Oct. 10 — be warned that the Navy has a home game on Saturday and that will muck with your parking plans. Alternate parking will be provided off Riva Road (GPSers should begin their search at 2700 Riva Road for best results) at both the high school and the department of education and busses, as per usual, will be ferrying people over to the show proper.

If you’re lucky enough to be in town during the transition from one boat show to the next, we’re told that’s an event unto itself. The sailboats all leave at once while the powerboats parade in. The docks need to be reconditioned, adjustments need to be made and there’s even some construction going on. Plus, this all needs to happen by Thursday Oct. 13, which gives crews about 3 days to complete this task. Watching people work harder than we do is why we end up writing for a living, so this one has broad appeal at the old Annapolis.com HQ.

It’s oddly fitting that the powerboat show kicks off on the Navy’s birthday, but there it is. If you see someone in Navy uniform go ahead and wish them a happy birthday. Might as well. Navy personnel should be getting some specials downtown thanks to the Annapolis Business Association, but other events are mostly private affairs. The U.S Naval Academy Visitor’s Center will be open for tours, so check that out if you’re able.

Next week we’ll be back with the powerboats and something other than the powerboats because early indications are everything is all about powerboats next week. Powerboats.