Ride the Circulator starting July 1st

The Annapolis Department of Transportation will provide a downtown shuttle service that moves individuals from the City’s 3 parking garages around the downtown areas where people shop, eat, work, and stay. This service called the Circulator and nicknamed the Loop, leverages existing transportation and parking resources to move the people with ease and efficiency while creating a broader perspective of downtown Annapolis.

The Circulator will create a mode of transportation that passes by retail, dining and entertainment venues along the city, county and state office buildings. The Circulator will look through downtown from Park Place, Knighton and Gott’s garages along West Street, down Duke of Gloucester to City Dock, then back up Main Street passing the state office building, the Arundel Center, and back around Church Circle and meeting up on West Street to the 3 city parking garages.

The exact route includes these stops:

  • Park Place Garage
  • Knighton Garage
  • Lafayette & West Streets
  • Cathedral/Colonial & West Streets
  • County Court House
  • City Hall
  • City Dock (Green Street)
  • Church Circle & School Street
  • State House/Lawyers Mall
  • Calvert & Bladen Streets
  • Visitors Center at Northwest Street
  • Calvert & West Streets
  • Knighton Garage
  • Park Place Garage

The goal of the Circulator is to have 10-minute headway with an average shuttle wait of only 6 minutes. The Circulator will operate Sunday – Thursday from 7:30 am to midnight, Friday – Saturday from 7:30 am to 2:30 am. Riders can park in the Park Place and Knighton garages for only $5 /day or Gott’s garage for $12/day.

Individuals that park at Park Place, Knighton or Gott’s garage will be directed to take their parking ticket stub with them. The stub is now a free pass on the Circulator all day, for as many times as they choose to ride the Circulator. Individuals without a ticket stub can board the Circulator for 50-cents/ride. Each Circulator boarding is 50-cents.

Look for the green and white parking signs with the Circulator logo at the garages and the new directional parking signs along Route 50 East, 97, Rowe Boulevard, and throughout downtown Annapolis. Turn to 1620 AM to get the latest Circulator information on your radio.

The Circulator will begin operation on Friday, July 1st, 2011.

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