Grace Period for Parking Citations in Annapolis Announced

Annapolis, MD (8-10-16) – In an effort to educate the public on new escalating fines for metered and residential parking in the city, Mayor Michael Pantelides announced a grace period for first time offenders will be allowed until October 1, 2016.

During this time, residents and visitors can learn more about the new parking regulations and fine schedule, and the city will gather public input to determine potential changes to the fine schedule and to parking districts.

The city’s new comprehensive parking firm, SP+, has been implementing a series of new programs as it manages the day-to-day parking and enforcement operations. This new fine schedule is an escalating schedule and is part of an effort to eliminate the illegal use of residential parking spaces. As part of the public education process, first time offenders will receive a written warning that encourages the vehicle owner to explore alternative parking options at

During the grace period, repeat offenders will continue to receive a $40 ticket for each violation, rather than the escalating fines up to $140.00, even if they have incurred multiple violations.

In the past the fine was $35.00 for each violation, but City Council adopted a new fine schedule and SP+ will be enforcing the schedule beginning on October 1, 2016:

  • Fine for initial offense: $40.00 (Two times the daily maximum garage fee)
  • Second violation in a one year period: $70.00
  • Third violation in a one year period: $105.00
  • Fourth violation (or greater) in a one year period: $140.00

SP+ is using new License Plate Recognition technology, which is mounted on two enforcement vehicles and will allow for a more accurate reading of license plates on vehicles that have been parked illegally in a residential district. By mounting the technology on vehicles, enforcement officers can cover routes faster and more efficiently than they previously have on foot.

Mayor Pantelides also asked SP+ to work with local business owners to ensure that employees have options for affordable parking and don’t rely on residential parking as an option.  SP+ is currently reviewing a variety of alternatives and is collecting data that will be used to identify potential programs and possible legislation to assist employee programs in the future.


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  1. Mary Jo Murray August 23, 2016 at 8:17 pm - Reply

    As long as I can remember, expired meter tickets downtown have been $20. Just read that in the past tickets were $35, and now are $40. I have paid a lot of tickets and don’t remember $35. Appears that the cost of a first ticket has doubled!

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