Snow day: Anne Arundel County Public Schools were canceled for snow and icy conditions on Monday, Jan. 14. The all-day Sunday snowstorm continued well into the early hours of Monday morning, and what looked like about 4-5 inches of snow coated the ground throughout Annapolis by the time the sun came up. 

The jury is still out on any cancelations or delays for Tuesday, but by now plenty of vehicles are back on the road with snow chunks air born off roofs and windshields and piles of slush on the street already turning gray. Here are some photos of the wintry scene on Sunday night and Monday morning. Submit us your snow photos on Facebook and we’ll add them here! 

Snowstorm Night 1: Unable to cross it by car, but still taking pictures of the Spa Creek Drawbridge while snowflakes are falling down.

annapolis snow

The drawbridge is temporarily closed when emergency vehicles respond to an accident in the inclement weather. Photo by William Strang-Moya.

annapolis marina sign

The Annapolis City Marina sign in the snow.

Snowstorm day 1: The drawbridge by the light of day. Everything has frozen overnight. (But Naval Academy midshipmen continue to jog on the icy sidewalks as if they’re perfectly dry and clear.)

annapolis market house

Market House, not yet open for business today.

Every remotely drippy surface is coated in icicles.

Shivering ducks at City Dock. Photo by William Strang-Moya.

Kids in the Kunta Kinte memorial sitting in the snow, looking like they could use some hats and scarves. Photo by William Strang-Moya.

Maryland State House and bare branches in the snow.

Submitted snow day photos

By Elizabeth Wantz Chaney

By Elizabeth Wantz Chaney

By Beth Stewart Hancock

By Peggy Weaver Kay