Statewide toll hikes start today

If commuting using Maryland bridges is part of your daily routine, the changes you’ve been expecting to hit begin today. The toll hike phase-in begins today, with another hike set to take effect in a couple of years.

But for today and starting today the Chesapeake Bay Bridge will be compelled to fork over another $1.50 as the toll jumps from $2.50 to $4 – the first hike in 40-ish years. Commuters on the Bay Bridge will pay the same $1 until July 2013 when a 110% increase is scheduled to take the toll to $2.10. The Nice Memorial Bridge jumps a buck to $4 for convention tolls and the EZ Pass rate goes from $.60 to $1 for commuters.

The cash rates will go up again in July 2013 for the Bay Bridge and the Nice Memorial.

The Intercounty Connector is exempt from these changes, but the $3 fee for non-EZ Pass commuters will switch over to a different name, the state-wide “video toll rate,” which will be calculated as 150% of the base toll plus a surcharge based on vehicle type.

Baltimore area cash tolls will also increase.

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