Guide to Thanksgiving in Annapolis 2018

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There's no better place to spend Thanksgiving than in Annapolis, Maryland. We've known this to be true for many years, but even national news sources will back us up on this one: Last year, Annapolis was named one of the 30 perfect alternative holiday getaways by U.S. News, who cited our town's "striking coastal scenery," "delicious [...]

Restaurants by Neighborhood: Eastport Edition

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Remember color by number as a kid? Just as we colored in shapes to enliven an image in our youth, we can explore Annapolis restaurants to bring the culture and taste of a particular neighborhood to life. We devote this first article in the series on Annapolis restaurants to one of our favorite neighborhoods: Eastport. [...]

Great Harvest Bread Co.: Baking Goods and Doing Good

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Ask any person of any age of any culture about bread and one unanimous thought will emerge: bread is delicious, desirable, and almost has a medicinal quality. The thing about bread--loaves, rolls, muffins, and the like--is that everyone eats it. A fresh-baked baguette is integral to a French person's way of life daily. Bread is [...]

Things to do in Annapolis, September 16-22

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Annapolis has more live music than usual this week, along with an increased number of green events and community-based entertainment. Get out on the town this week and enjoy. Annapolis Entertainment Music from one of the oldest and best groups in the area, The Naval Academy Band, is scheduled for Saturday, September 21. The band [...]

Celebrating Maryland Seafood at the 2013 Festival

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It's no secret that we Marylanders love super fresh, succulent, salty seafood. We thrive on the fact that much of the state is bordered by water and that rivers and creeks pervade the rest of it. All this access to water rewards us with fresh, healthy food, exceptional views, and even an economic boost. All [...]

Tsunami Sushi Bar and Lounge in Downtown Annapolis

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What makes a restaurant so appealing? Is it determined by its status as a local hang-out spot? Is it the food? Is it the drinks? The ambiance? For Tsunami--probably the coolest, most locally loved place you can get--a mix of all these ingredients deem it a superb space for eating sushi, having drinks with friends, [...]

Annapolis’s International Dining Scene

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Acclaimed chefs all agree that you get to know a place best by its food. If international travel isn't an option, grab a seat at one of the following Annapolis restaurants that feature faraway flair. The cuisine that follows is diverse, interesting, and will wake up any palette. Best of all, most of these restaurants [...]

Downtown’s Nano Asian Dining

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When it comes to Asian food, we have lots of expectations. We want it quick, we want it fresh, and we want it to be big on flavor. Thanks to the plentiful sushi and Asian cuisine options in Annapolis, we have a whole new set of expectations for this type of food. Nano Asian Dining [...]

Paladar, The Latin Rum Bar

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It's true that we, as humans, greatly respond to our environment. In old literature, the author's description of the weather directly paralleled the mood of the characters. This happens in real life though, which is why we heed the advice of our mothers to save money for a rainy, boring day. At Paladar Latin Kitchen [...]

Federal House Bar and Grille

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When it comes to old things, do we automatically assume a love for them or must we first understand the old thing to enjoy it? This question bears some meaning on downtown's The Federal House Bar and Grille, established in 1830. The restaurant is of course old (as you can clearly tell from the interior), [...]