Annapolis Business Association Invites Annapolis to the 6th Annual March Madness Sidewalk Sale

By | March 15th, 2014|Annapolis Activities & Events, Annapolis Things to Do, Articles, Downtown Annapolis, Shop|

What better way to highlight downtown businesses and spring-like weather than with a huge sidewalk sale, right in the middle of downtown Annapolis? That's right, Annapolis Business Association's 6th Annual March Madness Sidewalk Sale is back again, complete with great discounts on food and merchandise, fun activities, and more. Curious? We have the scoop on [...]

Things to do in Annapolis, December 9-15

By | December 3rd, 2013|Annapolis Activities & Events, Annapolis Shopping, Articles, Downtown Annapolis, Going Green Annapolis, Shop, USNA|

You know the holidays are fast-approaching when every category below offers some holiday-themed event. From the Lights Parade to the holiday version of Green Drinks, Annapolis seamlessly weaves together seasonal cheer with entertainment. Annapolis Entertainment Most notably, this week welcomes the Eastport Yacht Club's Parade of Lights. This much-anticipated event is free, reminiscent of old [...]

Things to do in Annapolis, November 25-December 1

By | November 19th, 2013|Annapolis Activities & Events, Annapolis Family & Children, Annapolis Shopping, Annapolis Things to Do, Articles, Downtown Annapolis, Shop, West Street|

The last bits of 2013 approach this week, but not to fear--Annapolis is celebrating the season! The big feast (Thanksgiving) not only comes this week, but so do opportunities to partake in great downtown community events, spend time out and about with the kids, and perhaps catch some exciting live entertainment. As you'll see below, [...]

Midnight Madness Helps Downtown Businesses and Furthers Christmas Spirit

By | November 14th, 2013|Annapolis Activities & Events, Annapolis Shopping, Annapolis Things to Do, Articles, Downtown Annapolis, Shop, West Street|

Most holidays elicit a gift-giving experience, but Christmas welcomes giving and receiving on an increased level. In conjunction with gifting, folks during the Christmas season thrive on cherishing the community, family members, and friends. Annapolis Business Association (ABA) teams up with downtown businesses to bring you another year of Midnight Madness, perhaps the greatest shopping [...]

Art Between the Creeks Celebrates Local, Unconventional Art with a “Twist”

By | October 28th, 2013|Annapolis Activities & Events, Annapolis Things to Do, Articles, Downtown Annapolis, Eastport, Play, Shop|

By nature, art questions rules and what's considered to be "just" or "important." The same is true of the art event coming to Annapolis this Friday through Sunday, though the involved artists express themselves even different from the artists who say their expression is conventional. Backyard Boats, Port Tack, and 222 Severn Property Management host [...]

Pearls with Purpose: How Purchasing Jewelry in Annapolis Benefits Women Internationally

By | October 13th, 2013|Annapolis Shopping, Articles, Shop|

We met the founder of an organization we've never heard of at a jewelry party about a month ago. She came to Annapolis to host an in-home jewelry party that showcased Grade A pearls sourced from the Philippines. All the jewelry was quite different: some multi-colored pearls fashioned to rings with gold wire, some long [...]

Great Harvest Bread Co.: Baking Goods and Doing Good

By | September 17th, 2013|Annapolis Restaurants & Bars, Articles, Dine, Shop|

Ask any person of any age of any culture about bread and one unanimous thought will emerge: bread is delicious, desirable, and almost has a medicinal quality. The thing about bread--loaves, rolls, muffins, and the like--is that everyone eats it. A fresh-baked baguette is integral to a French person's way of life daily. Bread is [...]

Maryland Avenue & State Circle’s Fall Festival 2013

By | September 17th, 2013|Annapolis Activities & Events, Annapolis Things to Do, Articles, Downtown Annapolis, Maryland Avenue, Play, Shop|

Downtown Annapolis has a certain charm, most evident at times of the year when festivals pop up all over Main Street, West Street, Maryland Avenue, and more. This enchanted time of year is now. It's time once again for Maryland Avenue and State Circle's Fall Festival, a true Annapolis tradition. We re-tell of the details [...]

23rd Annual Annapolis Art Walk

By | August 11th, 2013|Annapolis Activities & Events, Articles, Downtown Annapolis, Play, Shop|

Some of the best events downtown are the free ones. Likewise, some of the best places to visit downtown are the numerous art galleries. Put the two together and you have the 23rd Annual Annapolis Art Walk, coming to downtown this Thursday, August 15. This longstanding tradition in the art community is open to the [...]

Chic Shopping Downtown

By | August 11th, 2013|Annapolis Shopping, Articles, Downtown Annapolis, Maryland Avenue, Shop|

There's an old, often contended belief that making a good first impression is of upmost importance. We can counter this statement in saying that personality and charisma trump appearance, and that is valid. Even still, appearance matters. Lucky for Annapolitan residents and visitors, downtown features chic shopping options for both men and women. Take some [...]